A step to reconciliation

Reconciliation goes through integration. That’s the message the Hungarian, Serbian, and Croatian presidents wanted to promote in an international meeting, this April 16th, in Pecs (Hungary). In 2011, Budapest will lead the EU and it seems to be determined to help its neighbors to integrate the Union as fast as possible. Croatia hopes to join the “27” in 2012, and Serbia in 2013.

The three leaders also dealt with minority issues. Each country has to deal with dozens of minorities inside their borders. Albanians, Roma, Serbs, Turks, Egyptians, Bosnians, Hungarians, Gorani, are communities who  defend their own interest and who don’t always have a national conscience. That’s the same for Serbs in Kosovo who live in enclaves (with a certain degree of autonomy like in north-Mitrovica).

Example : Kosovo









« National minorities are the bridge that connects our three nations and we talked about the possibility that the concept of cultural national group be adopted », the Hungarian president said. In that way, the recognition of the Bosnian genocide by Serbian troops (and Bosnian-Serbs militias) in the early 1990’s was a must, not just in order to head the EU but also to ease neighborhood tensions. (photo : United Nations Photo)

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